Class Introductions

Welcome Commander.  Here you will learn about the various strike forces at your disposal.  Each class has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, which you will need to exploit.


Fighters are lightly armed and armoured units used to decimate Bombers and defend against enemy Fighters.  Highly manoeuvrable, Fighters are outfitted to evade incoming fire, and are often times, superior dog fighters.









Carrying specialized equipment for their role, Bombers are used for penetrating armour and are devastating when used correctly.  Bombers may become overwhelmed and should be defended by Fighters, and Gunships.



Designed for front-line combat, Gunships perform a variety of roles on the battlefield. Equipped with heavier armour and shielding, these combatants are extremely capable in offensive, defensive and support roles.



Be they long term or temporary bases of operation, Structures are the backbone of any army. Providing a variety of support options, Structures are used to fine tune the overall strategy of the commander.


While these are just the basics, it is the commander’s duty to utilize their resources as efficiently as possible.


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