Strategic Level Gaming, Proudly Presents, Strike Fleet Zero

Humanity is in the midst of a Galactic Civil War.  Military forces of unimaginable might clash for supreme control over the galaxy.  It is a time of desperate struggles for survival, and the birth of legends.  As Marshall of the remnants of your civilization, you are all that stands between victory…and extinction.  Your entire nation will be depending on your tactical skill, ruthlessness and guile to bring glory to the fleet, victory to your civilization and peace to your enemies.

Strike Fleet Zero is a two-player, fast paced, combat wargame, where you use your fleet to secure victory though tactical, and strategic mastery.

After 4 years and many revisions, the turn-based tabletop strategy game, Strike Fleet Zero is reborn.  Stand behind one of three star civilizations, each with their own culture, ambition, and combat styles.

The Sol Aurelian:

The Enigmatic Nomads.  During the exodus from Earth, and after the devastating civil war for resources, many of the scientists and pacifists decided to join the Sol Aurelian Fleet of ships.  Over the millennia, they have developed a technology that allows them to draw out resources from a planet while remaining in orbit above it.  They are currently the only group of people trying to recreate the star maps and find old Earth.


The Arc Dominion:

The Expansionist Experts:  During the separation from the other fleets during the Exodus, the super-industrious, and remnants of the outdated military, decided that their method of survival was more realistic and split off in search of a new home world.  After thousands of years, they found a planet capable of sustaining them just before they lost all hope and were lost to the void.  Quickly, a monarchy rose and they discovered how to terraform some of the nearby planets and moons in their cluster.  This allowed them to spread out their empire, and become quite resource abundant.


The Tor Phaet:

During the Exodus, the remainder of the population, disagreeing with the newly named Sol Aurelian or Arc Dominion factions, decided to test their fate and go their own way.  However, a year into their journey, the Sol Aurelian received one final faint SOS transmission before all contact was lost.

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