Tokens, the Variable Map System, and the Strategic Action Cards

Strike Fleet Zero utilizes several game tokens.  These are mostly there to help keep track of damage or whether a shield has been knocked out or to mark out your unit that just veteranized!

Unit and Module Tokens

The bread and butter of Strike Fleet Zero.  The Unit tokens (upper section) are your main fighting force.  They come with a variety of abilities and weapon systems so powerful, they have been dubbed Nightmare Systems by the pilots instead!  The green lines display the Nightmare’s Arc of Fire.  The Modules (lower section) are upgrades that can be purchased using the point system that players agree upon.  Modules are usually unit specific abilities.  However, with the right base of operations, these can be used to customize your units to an even finer degree, allowing the commanders to utilize their forces to their specifications.

The Variable Map Tile System

Strike Fleet Zero is played on a modular board.  Players have the option to play small skirmishes or expand the area for some epic fleet showdowns!

Initiative Tokens

The Initiative is the first of 4 Turn Phases in Strike Fleet Zero.  Players will roll off for the opportunity to move and attack first.  As commander, you also have the option of relinquishing focus of your unit’s movement speed, or accuracy.  This will allow you to add a bonus to your Initiative roll, and get that first round of shots off!

Asteroid Tokens

It is up to the commander to take advantage of every aspect of the battlefield to their advantage.  Asteroids are one such aspect, which roam the area of operations as double edged swords.  These can be used as cover, or as deadly shrapnel bombs when destroyed.

Force Fields

Force Fields come in two flavours to combat the 2 common styles of weapon fire that could be found on the battlefield.  First is the Mass Driver Type.  These will include solid ballistics such as bullets, or shells.  The second, is the Beam Type.  These are energy based weapons of varying wavelengths.  Fields are typically designed to sustain damage from one of these types of weapons, but rarely will one Field be able to handle both that you will find on a small ship.

Fired Token

During the 3rd of 4 game phases, the Fire Fight Phase is where you mark your target for extinction.  This is a rapid fire phase where both players alternate taking turns selecting a unit and firing at one another.  It is very important to make good decisions here as you may lose a unit before it even has a chance to shoot!  The Fired token is there to keep track of which units have already fired.

Damage Tokens

What can be said about the humble damage tokens?  umm…try not to have them used against you?…….Nailed it….

Veteran Tokens

As pilots become more focused, overconfident, or simply desperate, the motivation to push their skills to the limit becomes paramount.  Once a Unit destroys an enemy in either the Fire Fight Phase, or the Dog Fight Phase, they will veteranize.  This boosts their stats to new levels, making that unit even deadlier!

Strategic Action Cards

Commanders are always prepared with a variety of tricks up their sleeves beyond their ability to envision the timestream of a battle.  At a moments notice, the commander will bark an order, and bring heavy artillery down upon the enemy forces, or set off those X4 charges on the rigged asteroids, or even call for a heroic sacrifice, all for the glory of your Empire!

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