The Campaign!

The original intention for Strike Fleet Zero was to allow the players to forge their own bases and fleets, while battling eachother for supreme dominion of the ruined galaxy.  Whereas Strike Fleet Zero itself is played on a…shall we say, “Tactical Map”, the Campaign is played on a “Strategic Map”.  The Strategic map will show the individual players bases.  These can include Research Sites, Refineries, or a humble Fire Base.  Perhaps a hyper galactic artillery structure?  While all being solidly defended by a defensive perimeter of turrets.  The players will mine resources, which will allow them to expand their roaming fleets.  A tech tree will allow the player to upgrade their units, but be warned, while the transport carrying the upgrade is on route to the fleet for refurbishing, a clever commander may intercept it!  The goal is to always stay a step ahead…The campaign is set to play as a galactic domination scenario for up to 10 players.  Players may play solo, or team up and slowly conquer the galaxy together.

There are many ideas for the campaign right now, which so far, are getting good feedback.  I hope to have more details for you soon.


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